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At our agency, we act in the best interest of our clients (companies, groups or individuals) who may not have the time, resources or staff for handling all of their responsibilities in-house or on their own. Hence, we provide all our services on-line for our clients no matter where they are located. With years of experience of our finely honed abilities and a vigour to satisfy our clients, J6 Pearl Agency is your choice when taking into consideration your needs, goals and budget!


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Project Management

Project Management

Time and available resource constraints are very crucial for the success of any project. Given this highly competitive global business world, helping companies or organizations deliver projects within budget or on time is one of the tenets of our agency.

Coordinating & Events Planning

We can help you organize your events such as workshops and conferences.

Calls & Email Management

Top notch communication ensures that everyone remains in the loop.

Scheduling & Calendar Management

Stay on top of your appointments and avoid conflicts with efficient time management.

Logo Design

Let us help you create an effective marketing tool for your public identification and recognition about your brand being represented.

Letterhead Design

In today’s competitive business environment, corporate identity is very important to express the authenticity and importance of one’s company. We can help businesses do just that in creating their letterheads!

Graphic Designs

Graphic Design

Give your business documents a professional and unique look with our graphic design services


Solutions for any document

We provide a myriad of services to clients to satisfy their ever changing business and professional needs.


Transcribing of audio or video.

Preparing of on-line forms

Preparing various forms,  including US and Canada visas.


We can translate your documents from Dutch, Spanish or French, into English and vice versa.

Business Plans, Proposals & Cash Flow Statements

Get your business up and running with services designed to take the hassle out of entrepreneurship.

Financial Documents

About Us

We have been providing services for over 16 Years

Formerly named Freelance Secretarial Services, J6 Pearl Agency has evolved to be a premium service provider for local, regional and international clients. We help our clients champion their causes and work towards their goals.


  • Over 16 years of real world experience offering services to businesses, organizations and individuals.


  •  Our team possesses a unique mix of experience and post-graduate education to ensure that our services are of the highest quality.


  • Dominica Youth Business Trust (DYBT) 2022 award for 11 years of voluntary service as a DYBT mentor.
  • Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce (DAIC) 2017 Business award for innovation”.
  • Dominica Youth Development Division 2017 award for outstanding contribution towards youth empowerment in Dominica.

“Congratulations for your services offered to the public. May God continue to bless your business and give quality work to your patrons.”

J. Edwin

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