Project Management Services

We offer services specifically tailored to your project to provide a personalized touch in achieving your project’s goals.  Our secret lies in years of experience handling projects of various sizes and complexity.  We know what it takes to make your next project a success.

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Exceptional Staffing

A successful project requires accurate record keeping and open lines of communication. Our staff can handle administrative duties associated with your project to ensure that it is well documented and information reaches the intended recipient.

Expert Time Management

Your deadlines are important to us, so we ensure that time management is one of our top priorities. We work efficiently and quickly to deliver the service you require in a punctual manner.

Quality Results

By the time your project is completed you can expect quality deliverables based on the objectives of your project. Your goals are always on your min and we strive to satisfy every client throughout the course of providing our services.

Coordinating & Events Planning

Planning and organizing your event is the first step in making it successful. We can help you do the  ground-work required to have a memorable  event.


  • Booking of location
  • Booking of accommodation
  • Organizing transportation
  • Organizing decoration and catering

Calls & Email Management

Communication is key to critical decision making. You need the right information and the right time so that you can make informed decisions.


  • Making and receiving calls on your behalf
  • Managing and organizing your emails
  • Sending and replying to emails on your behalf

Scheduling & Calendar Management

Stay organized and remember tasks and appointments with accurate scheduling and calendar management services.


  • Scheduling meetings based on your calendar
  • Adding important events to your calendar
  • Creating to-do lists for important tasks

Document and Social Media Services

The accuracy and  readability of your documents is of utmost important in an increasingly digital world. We can help with editing your documents, managing your social media accounts and providing additional services such as transcription.

Proofreading and Editing

Speakers, coaches and self-publishers can benefit from our services. If you are looking for the effectiveness of your writing style and clarity of your ideas, we offer a second pair of eyes.

Social Media Management

Persons who work nine-to-5 jobs, entrepreneurs who don’t have the time to manage their social media platforms need not search further. We pay attention to details!


Persons who are doing live podcasts on YouTube especially for the hearing impaired persons can benefit from our service.


Entrepreneurs and business owners can break the language barrier and reach a wider audience with our translation services.

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Preparing of On-line Forms

The busy executive can focus on business while we handle important online forms that need to be filled for travel or legal requirements.

Graphic Design

Branding is important for businesses of all sizes and individuals who want to stand out from the crowd. Display your professionalism and unique identity with our graphic design services.

Logo Design

Let us help you create an effective marketing tool for your public identification and recognition about your brand being represented. Your logo is one of the first things people associate with your brand. It is the cornerstone of your other branding efforts.

We can help you design a logo that  accurately represents your brand values using your brand colours.

Letterhead Design

In today’s competitive business environment, corporate identity is very important to express the authenticity and importance of one’s company. We can help businesses do just that in creating their letterheads!


Let your stationery stand out from the competition with a unique and professional look. Increase association with your brand and create a lasting impression with every letter.


Financial Documents

Business Plans, Proposals & Cash Flow Statements

Your business is your number one priority, but there are many aspects to running a successful business. You need a sound business plan to begin your journey into entrepreneurship and timely and accurate financial documents.

We can help take the stress out of managing certain aspects of your business while maintaining the prerequisite confidentiality.

We prepare:

  • Business Plans
  • Proposals
  • Cash Flow Statements